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    GP1200R Cat Temp Sensor / Water Temp sensor

    My 2000 GP1200R has a d plate installed, and the cat temp sensor is unplugged. I was riding it the other day ran great for 20 minutes, then after a long idle the temp light came on so i turned it off. motor was warm to touch, no signs of overheating. It would not start up again even after an hour. I read other posts on bypassing this with a 10k resister, my concern is how do I know if I am actually overheating in the future if I bypass both sensors? any info would be helpful, thanks.

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    Sounds like the lower sensor went bad. my 1300R did the exact thing the other day. i had another pipe laying there and plugged the other sensor in and zip tied it and rode it the rest if the day.

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    You can bypass both sensors to test, but I would not leave it that way. I agree with mudslanger, probably a bad sensor.

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