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Thread: Power Loss

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    Power Loss

    OK, I have done abit of browsing before creating this thread but couldn't find an exact listing such as this. So I was out today on my 12PX, ski just hit 38 hrs and while riding I heard the loud beep and check engine light came on. The engine temp is still running like it has been 188-192 but seems as if the supercharger isn't putting out all the way. It only gets to 55/60% on the boost gauge. What should I check first. I really don't know where to start. I rode a few miles back to the ramp and trailered my ski. Hoping I can figure this out with the help of some of you guys on here as the nearest SeaDoo dealer to me is hours away. Help/advice is greatly appreciated.

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    What alarm did the ecu throw? If the engine light came on, it must've thrown a code.

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    Just a single loud beep and check engine light on. No code. Just check engine scrolls across my info center. The light that came on is right by the 4000 on the RPM gauge....

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