Hi All,

Great site...have learned soooo much from this site is soooo little time. I appreciate all info.

I have picked up an older 94 polaris 650 sl I bought REAL cheap from a client. It had a hole in the hull and had apparently been sunk at some point( due to the last owners faulty patch). The last owner had apparently brought it to his mechanic after sinking and he basically stated that it was not work fixing. Just by looking at it I thought it might have potential. so...I read everything on this site about what NOT to do when you buy an old PWC.
So far...I have cleaned it up, bought a new battery, greased and lubed all points and parts, changed plugs.
I had to remove the gas tank to patch the inner hull, then 6x patched the outer hull.
Changed the oil, and gas in each tank, and read at least half the service manual.
It seemed to have a little oil/water mix in the cylinders when turning it over, but keep cleaning it , then changed the plugs again.
So now its starts with no problems......took it for a water test ( I know, I know...shouldn't have...!)
It seemed to run great at least for 30 minutes.....maybe an occasional bog, but pretty dam good. I was very worried at first about the bearings, but apparently its not an issue once its running for a while.....?...and has not blown up...? Should I be worried if there may have been some water in there .......for a while?

My main question or concern for the group here is about the "lean" fuel mixture an older machine may experience and the potential engine issues it may develop.
Do I need to install that triple outlet fuel pump even if my machine seems to run ok?
I know that in the very near future I will need a carb overhaul, but I am not the most mechanical guy and am scared to death to completely rebuild my carb.
I would love to be able to run my machine all summer without doing much more. Am I dreaming or should I get that fuel pump right away....before running it again?

Itchin to Fly

Thanks in advance