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    2001 1100 STX DI ECU ? or something stupid..

    New engine, 1st tank of fuel, 1st start, 1st ride all was AWSOME, Never went wot, 30 mph MAX.. idled, then revved, for about an hour or so, not even a half tank of gas... was in idle just living it up, then she just... shut off... no indication of anything wrong, went to re-start, and just cranks... no lights on, no funny smells, no water, oil, or gas in hull... everything seems normal. NO SPARK all cylinders, NO fuel any cylinders, used a bug light on the connectors going to coils and injectors, and nothing, can't hear injectors clicking..... is it possible computer died and lost everything? I called DFI technologies and dude said it sounded like I lost all power... can't find a diagram anywhere.. my two red with green wires DO have power... but anything else supposed to ?? and the few blacks that are in that same plug all have ground....

    any light to be shed will be WONDERFULL!!!

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    Check your crank position sensor. If the connection is loose or the sensor bad I dont think it triggers anything to come on. I know for a fact the fuel pump wont activate until it sees a signal from the crank sensor.

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    Check your stator connection at the EMM. Pull off the connector and make sure you didn't bend any pins. Re-check all your wiring connections. What was the original problem before you replaced your engine?

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    I took CPS off, using a multimeter and a wrench I metered the cps and waved the wrench in front of it, the ohms did change quite a bit.. it was a little dirty but not crazy... I checked the plugs and all looked great. The problem was engine sucked a crap load of water in and bent the rods...

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    Your first post says that there was no water, oil, or gas in the hull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    Your first post says that there was no water, oil, or gas in the hull.
    Right ? That was in response to the previous question, of why did I change engine to begin with.. So, ski rolled ahole in it didn't jump off, but rather hung on to it while upside down with throttle pretty much pegged, as soon as hell rolled it water enter the intake and CLANK, no more engine. So over winter we removed engine, cleaned the crap outta it. Installed new one... Then once it warmed up went for first ride...

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