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    Diagnosing GP1300R steering sensor and PV servo

    I have a GP1300R motor in my XLT hull. The steering sensor is zip tied to the fuel filler hose. It is throwing a code 55 (steering switch malfunction), the service manual mentions testing it with the diagnostic software and by moving the steering. Is there another way to test?

    Also, sometimes I hear the powervalve servo cycle after shutting the motor off, sometimes not. Is there any test for powervalve operation without the diagnostic software?

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    the sensor maybe bad. I did few years back a gprho conversion using a mr1 engine out of vx and all I did was connect the sensor to the wiring and zip tied to one of the fuel tank straps. never had any code or nothing.
    the pvs on the 1300r sometimes it cycles so fast you wont get to hear it .as soon you touch the stop switch it cycles.

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    I think I might have discovered the problem with the steering sensor. It appears I got an 06-07 sensor with the motor swap I bought, all the electronics are 03.

    Once that is out if the way I'll see if it is throwing a powervalve code.

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    well I've got it the other way around, I have a 07 engine and electronics using 03 sensor and it works fine. no codes here. try to install a 03/04 sensor.

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    Yeah I'm looking for one, see what happens with that

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