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    2001 XP Purchase - VTS Issue

    I picked up an 01 XP in the late fall, couldn't test it in water due to the location and weather so doing all maintenance I can myself - fuel line/filter replacement, change 2 stroke oil, check wear ring/impeller, change jet pump oil, grease impeller shaft, plugs, add an hour meter for maintenance, clean raves and carbs. Never owned a jet ski before. In the course of a more detailed inspection, I noticed the VTS slide block/bar was broken above the jet pump and the boot were broken. The slide I should've caught, the boot tear is more discreet. Regardless, I want to fix whatever needs to be fixed. I started reading about the VTS and in my search for a part number, I pulled the cover off. Here's what the internals of the VTS look like:

    Should I have any expectation that this unit will work? If I don't repair/replace it asap, will I damage anything else? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, for now, there are strands of grass, looks like lawn grass, in both the engine compartment and the bilge of the machine, as though the machine was open when someone mowed their lawn. I didn't see this when we purchased the machine but its apparent in the light of day. If the machine was rolled or submerged, previous owner claimed lake use only, can stuff from the water get unto those compartments? The machine starts fine, sounds strong, compression checked out (north of 130). Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful comments.

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    i will start by mentioning that you are taking a severe risk when you buy a ski before you water test it. However, with compression north of 130 you should be ok. you can ride without the VTS however, you will have to find a way to keep your jet trimmed at the angle you want and seal off the VTS shaft. trust me, VTS improves ride quality 100%, so its easier to just buy the parts, wait a few days and fix it. dont ride your ski without first replacing that rubber accordian boot, it will let water into the hull and cause all kinds of problems. the pictures for your VTS internals arent showing up but you can test the VTS motor by simply plugging its wires into a 12V power supply.

    About the rolling and letting water into the hull, the XPL is not a stay dry type of ski, water will find its way into the hull. as for fliping them, i have never flipped mine so i dont know, but i do know that there are many top side vents and if those holes dont have the vent tubes connected you are in for a sinking if you dont flip your ski back over quickly. but as for lake grass entering the hull, its not too likely, i think your mowing the yard with the hood open is more plausible.

    Ok, before i wrap up my ramble, as with any older seadoo, i cant remember what year they got rid of the grey fuel lines, but if yours has them you need to change them!

    PS, the day after i got my xpl, i rode it at the lake without checking that accordian boot on the VTS and needless to say, found myself stranded in the middle of the lake without electronics... so fix that seal! lol

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