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Thread: 1996 Seadoo XP

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    1996 Seadoo XP

    I always wanted to build a X4 from a stock ski but with how hard and expensive it is to gather the aftermarket parts, I did the next best thing I could and found one mostly done up. I wasn't sold on the paint scheme and wanted to try my hand at painting as I had zero experience painting before. I figured at least its not like messing up a car so go for it. I'm not finished at this time but I'll show you where I'm at and with any interest, the final result after this coming weekend.

    10 hour round trip to OH from Chicago plus some cash netted me this

    Not bad but flames aren't my style. So I had to do some research on how to paint. I ended up getting some Harbor freight guns and ordered the paint. Decided to run with vibrant lime green with metal green flake, under a ton of clear.

    HVLP paint gun




    If anyone was curious, I've got about $400 in paint and supplies from start to finish.

    So, let's get sanding.

    No more flames

    No more mat. I borrowed my Dads FINE tool to get the old mat off which was rubber cemented down. It wasn't hydro turf, it was an outdoor product for decks. The right tool made quick work of it.

    Make shift garage paint booth and taped up ready to be sprayed with primer. Unfortunately no primer pics, sorry.

    The orange stuff is filler over the old rivets and any scratches I couldn't sand out.

    Inspiration for the color

    4 coats of base later

    Was worried the base was going to be too much, but with the black I believe it tones it down a bit.

    After shooting the primer and base at my house, I soon realized I couldn't deal with the smell that followed. The smell didn't leave my house for two days so no more painting at home. Luckily, my buddy lives on a farm and doesn't care. That is where she currently resides. We have already sprayed the flake with pictures to follow after the weekend. Also, final pics when I'm done. My seat cover came in but the staples hadn't.

    We are going to spray the clear this weekend, install the drop nozzle kit, rip out the Vts that's broke, and install the ride plates. I hope to have it wet on Sunday afternoon for a shakedown run. Cannot wait!
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    Looking good, man! Props for taking on the paint job yourself with no prior experience! I can't wait to see it finished!

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    Where did you get the carbon fibre hood? Looking for an ATM but cannot find one.

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    Very nice man!

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