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    Msx 140 running problem

    I have a 2004 Msx140 that after running for about 25 minutes the red light comes on and goes down to an idle. If anyone has had this problem could you give me some insight on what i need to do because it runs to good until the light comes on.

    Thanks for any help

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    Do you also get a Check Engine message on the display?

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    I'm not an expert but looks like no water flow to cool the EMM, then the EMM goes to S L O W mode.
    Do not turn the engine till you check water flow through the EMM. By disconnecting the pipes from the EMM and flow water to both sides. And through the EMM.
    It happened to me as well and it coocked the EMM,
    Good chance that you have the same problem.
    Do not run the ski without handling this issue.


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    The check engine message also came up.

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    Thanks i will double check it, i had flow through it after i got the emm back from DFI having the tubes replaced due to corrioson but i will check it again.

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