Here is my issue. It was running just fine and then it started giving me issues starting. We were on the water and it would start then then all it would do was turn over but no start. After i got it out of the water. I checked the batt. It was under 10.6 when cranking. It wouldn't take a charge so I replaced the batt. After I replaced the batt it fired right up. So I thought that was the prob and the issue was solved. Very next day I hooked it up to water and tried to start it cause I was gonna take it out. I always start it first before I go out. No start. I checked the batt to see if it was drained somehow. It was fine. So I opened the elec box. When I opened it I noticed the gray wire was unhooked and taped up on purpose. Isnt that wire important? thought it went to the hull effect sensors ground. The only wire that it could be hooked to is a gray wire with red stripe. Btw I bought the ski used and the previous owner had the cdi replaced by a jetski mechanic. I have both because it was left in the ski. The original one part number is 4010381. The one that's in the ski now is 4010404. I'm not sure that's even the right cdi but it was running good using that cdi with the gray wire not connected. Any idea why someone would unhook it. Also the bilge pump constantly runs. So it's currently disconnected. Don't know if that a cdi issue or what. Anyway any help would be great. I work on dirbikes, four wheelers, ect. But these jet skis are something new to me. What should I check first, Btw I hooked up the gray wire and still no spark but I didn't try long cause the water wasent hooked up. It will usually fire right up. I kinda got frustrated and came here.