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    Thumbs up Improved 05 FXHO Cruiser top speed by 1Kph

    I have an 05 FXHO with most of the RPM Kit installed with the exception of sponson, intake grate and PPK.

    I decided to try something.

    Filling in the 4 x Bolt holes of the Riva rideplate. I had heard that this made a reasonable difference in top speeds on GP's and thought I would give it a try on the FXHO Cruiser... had nothing to lose.

    I did a speed run two ways using a GPS on the first day without the holes filled in. My top speed was 97.2 with an average of 96.8 both ways when I add up both speeds and divide by two.

    The run on the second day with the 4 bolt holes filled in, gave me exactly 1 Kph higher top speeds when averaged the same way as the day before being an average of 97.8 Kph on the GPS.

    So not a huge difference - but a consistent one.

    The second day that I did the 1Kph increase in speed, I had another 20 litres of fuel on board so it is probably a little more gain that 1Kph.

    I would say that it makes a bigger difference when you have a ski that gets into the 70+ MPH range.

    It's a simple thing to do with a small gain... It would be interesting to see if the same gains are had with the stock plate, I would imagine it would be the same... or simmilar?


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    Forgot to attach GPS Shots which are below.

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    Kph? Litres? What, are you some kind of foreigner?!!!

    Just kidding, bro. Welcome to the forum. Congrats on your newfound speed, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by franku View Post
    Forgot to attach GPS Shots which are below.


    what program is that? Or did you load the info from your gps to your PC? That would be nice to keep a good log og info! And welcome to the forum and good job on the extra speed!

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    Hi There r33pwrd,

    This is a garmin application called Garmin Ximage which takes a screenshot off your Garmin GPS and saves it as a bmp.

    Not sure if it would work with another brand of GPS?

    I then saved it as a JPG on my hard disk.

    It is great.

    Thanks for your welcome message


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    Hi Franku, That is a good gain, how did you deal with the fact that the heads of the two rear ride plate bolts hang slightly below the plate? REXA.

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    Hi Rexa,

    As this was primarily just to see if I would notice any gain at all, I smoothed the silicone over the top of the bolts so that there is a slight hump but smooth hump where the outer edge of the the bolt on either side protrudes slightly.

    It is my intention to find stainless Allen Key Bolts to replace the stock ones which would cure this completely - although I am not sure that it would make enough of a difference to the top speed to be measurable?

    Only way to find out is to try and test.


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