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    Checking Fuel Pressure on the newer Ski's before Flashing

    Vtech 8375 tune is plenty stable AFR wise as long as the fuel pressure is verified. I made this up to check the pressure on a friends ski before I flashed it. FP 62psi 2013 RXP-X 260. This cost about $70.00 if someone needs it PM me. Welding Ugly but doesn't leak! is

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    Thats pretty cool idea! Saves lightly moddeed guys from spending $400 on a rrfpr just to verify pressure.

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    In new logger there is 5 volt input for fuel sensor or any other sensor.
    That could be used to see fuel pressure also.

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    I just recently (maybe 1-2 months ago)purchased one and i did not see the extra cables for the fuel pressure sensor can we add this to the logger we currently have?

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