Over the past two months I have been competing in Thailand at the Thailand International Watercross Grand Prix. Wow what an experience it is. I have done two rounds out of four so far, the third one is coming up in about two weeks. Round one was great but scary not knowing what it was going to be like as it was my first time. I raced in the amateur women ski limited and beginner ski two stroke, do...ing back to back races. I had ski problems every moto on the first day but motorfield fixed it that night and got it going for me on the second day. At the end of the meeting I got 3rd in the women's and 4th in the Beginners bringing home two nice trophy’s and some prize money. Thank you to Chaow from Flamingo racing for getting me to the track on the last day and the then back to the hotel.
A few weeks ago I went back over to Thailand. Round two was a lot better, going over there knowing a few people and knowing what was happening and what it was going to be like. I raced in the same classes again, Day one of racing was the best I have ever raced so far, on the ski and on the score sheet. After day one had finished I was sitting in equal second in beginners and 3rd in Women’s. I was over the moon. However day two of racing wasn’t as good, I had a bad night and morning with not being able to walk due to my calve muscle popping out every time I put pressure on my leg but this was not going to stop me racing . It shows the fitness required to race at this level. I had ski problems all day. Moto three of the Women’s was my first race for the day, that didn’t go to well. On the 2nd lap my calve muscle popped out forcing me to come in 2 laps later. My third moto for beginners was up so with my calve still popped out I went to the start line to race. Ski problems again but that didn’t stop me I did come last but only by a little bit, I was then sitting in 4th place going into the last moto of beginners. The last moto for women’s was terrible got towed in, didn’t even make it to the first buoy. I knew I needed to do one lap to get my points so we got the ski started and I ended finishing in second. The last moto for the day came. Every bone in my body was hurting but I went out there and did my best. I possibly got the best start for the day I did come last but I tried my best and I think it was one of my best races Overall I got 3rd in Women’s and 5th in beginners, 8 points separating 3rd from last. Once again bringing home two trophy’s and prize money
I really want to thank everyone who helped me out, which was a lot haha. Special thanks to Sam and the motorfield crew for once again looking after us and thanks fifty-nine racing for holding me when my dad couldn’t! and thanks all the other teams for giving me someone to talk to and for all the support Also thanks Jettribe for your continued support with the gear Big Big Big thanks to my dad for taking me over there and mum at home for supporting me
Bring on round 3 Phetchaboon!!