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    Who is doing carb rebuilds/mods now that Bill is no longer with us ?

    I am looking at getting my carbs rebuilt and modified to Bill's reccomendations and was wondering what shops are familiar with this set up ?

    ski is 00 1200 XL limited I have 2 sets to do.


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    Rich at wfo. Does great work, very helpful, and did great on my carbs. Pm him
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    yeah im that smart guy that sent my carbs to him 2 weeks ago after not talking to him for a while. Got them all wrapped up and ready to go for whoever is doing them now

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    Fercho was my mentor, and taught me a lot while he was still in the game... and Bill used to call me to handle his overflow carb work.

    Shoot me a pm. I'd be glad to help out.

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