Jettribe brought all Aero’s stuff from Louisiana to Florida. Panama City Beach was definitely one of the best beach that Aero has ever been. Aero arrived just a day before the event “It was... a long flight for me to get here, took me 28 hours including domestic flights but everything is worth it once I got here.”

Since Aero’s ski broke down in Round 1 he managed to took control of his rented ski built by Troy Snyder’s team. The ski wasn’t the missile type of ski but it was perfect for the surf. Moto 1, he started fifth from the gate and made it through the second behind the leader Alfadel from Kuwait. It was quite an epic battle after all. Both of them were leaving the third placer and the rest behind by roughly around 20 seconds. Aero, with only 10 minutes of riding time on that did a great job pulling second place in moto 1 but it was the next day that he had problems.

On Sunday Aero’s ski jumped the start really good until the bolts of the steering system came loose and it was a troublesome for him to actually handle the ski. Aero said “the lanyard kept on pulling off because the handle bar moved all the time and so the ski stops every once in a while”. Moto 3, was the last moto of the event. “Getting some problems in moto 2 so I decided to do it all here in moto 3” Aero Aswar started pretty bad he was second to last when he left the gate and he tried to get a way through every rider one by one until he face his Jettribe team mate Erminio Iantosca sitting in third place. Aero wasn’t able to catch him and he ended up finishing at 4th Place and 5th in the current national tour standings.