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    2001 Polaris Virage tx 1200 with no spark

    I have a 2001 polaris virage tx 1200 with no spark. It has 72 hours on it and has not run in 2 years. I took it to someone local a couple years ago and they replaced the stator and charged me 500$ but it still had no spark when I got it back, not sure if he even replaced anything because the #'s the stator was putting out last year were not even close to spec. I worked for a marine dealership last year and a couple of the shop guys looked at it a few times but could not find the problem. I am at a loss, not sure what to look for anymore, If anyone has any ideas or had the same problem, I am open to all sugestions. Thanks you

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    Have a look at my signature links, and the Polaris Tech and FAQ sections on here.

    Number one reason for no spark is often a weak battery. Make sure yours is strong.

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    Thanks for the info, I will read through it to see if there is anything we have not tried, but I made sure the battery is good.

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    voltage is very important in these machines the battery might read 12v wile under rest but if its not making enough voltage under crank it might not produce enough spark

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