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    Oil change - early 2000's ultra 150 - 2 stroke


    Is it correct that this 2 stroke engine does not have an oil filter ? Mine is in storage and I am unable to access right now.
    If not - is there anything to changing the oil besides the oil itself ? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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    This is a 2-stroke engine that burns the oil. It doesn't recirculate, so it doesn't have a filter. There is no need to 'change' the oil. There is a screen under the filler cap that keeps out the big stuff.

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    If you just got an ultra 150 do all the maintenance items "now" before you have problems. There has been story after story about someone getting an older ski that blows the engine in the first hour or two of use. Even the ones with very low hours in what appears to be like new condition.

    For example...

    Definitely replace the oil lines if that has not been done already. Old oil injection lines get brittle and crack or break, or shrink and pull off the nipple.

    Replace fuel filter and possibly fuel lines too. Gas lines can look ok on the outside but be rotted or gunked up on the inside, especially if they have had gas containing ethanol in them. Clean out fuel tank. Clean the carbs. These motors will not tolerate a lean fuel condition at all.

    Check out the cooling system along with the jet pump.
    Etc. etc. etc...

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