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    RX DI -2002 problems, first wont rev, now wont start , pops injector fuse


    I've got a strange problem. Maybe not really strange since the DI seem to have alot of problems during the time...
    Anyway, I've been reading ALOT but really I haven't find anything that can help me.

    This is the situation,
    I bought the ski from a known person. He had it for atleast 5 years and it has been running great.
    The ski has very low hours (about 75hours, SOUNDS VERY LOW???)

    Anyway, the problem started without any forewarning. If you are light on throttle it runs good maybe up to 35mph push little more on throttle and it sounds like it dies on one cylinder (or drowning, hard to tell) if the throttle is released a bit it runs good again. He never found the problem and I bought it after being at his garage for 1 year.

    I started to check all hoses/connections, changed fuel filter, cleaned rave valves, new fuel, New battery was installed. When I was going to start it, I heard the fuel pump running but nothing else.
    First I did not now what caused it. I checked all the connectors at MPEM and cleaned them. I then noticed that almost all fuses was corroded. I changed them and tried again. Fired right up!
    It was out of water. After 5-10seconds it revs up to about 4000rpm.. I did not like the RPMS, is this normal? I took it to the water. Normal idle, feels like it running very rich up 1/8 throttle. From 1/8 to 1/4 it runs good. I can run to about 35mph, then it "drowns" or kills one spark?? Letting of throttle it runs OK again. I drove for a while to try things out but it never got any better. I went home and put it in the garage for a few weeks (the ice just went a few weeks back, so the water was coooold). Was going to start it today... I pushed the start button and it fired up for two seconds, then died, I was cranking the engine for a while without sucess. I noticed the maint light was flashing. Waited for a second and then it won't crank. Just the fuel pump is running when I push start button... I looked at the fuses, the 15A injector fuse was burnt. Put in a new one burnt directly. Did remove the connectors at mpem and looked but no problem.
    Put them back and new fuse, burnt again. Was hitting on the connectors with a screwdriver. Put in a new fuse AGAIN and it did not burn. I was cranking but it just cranks, it doesnt start. Tried holding WOT but it did not help. Then, when I stopped cranking and started to wondering WTF the problem is, I heard a sound, of a pressure dropping, coming from the fuel rail. It then starts to gurgle and POP and a cloud of smoke came from the PTO injector. AND, this is where I am at the moment..... With a burned PTO injector.

    WHAT caused the PTO injector to pop?? Bad ground? Bad injector? Was it the MPEM?
    Guess what, the 15A injector fuse was burnt again....

    This is a long shot, but in some way it feels like I got two problems now....

    What do you guys think?
    The other owner had it hooked up to BUDS and the TPS was checked, no other problems had occured.. (I know the TPS can still be the faulty part, even if not BUDS are showing it).

    Where should I start? Buy a complete fuel rail from ebay?
    The stuff is pretty expensive and it's not fun to "search" the problem by replacing part after part.

    I really hope someone can give me some information!!
    I don't have much knowledge about PWC. I do wrench ALOT of snowmobiles (Ski-Doo) but that is not the same thing.
    After reading alot, it seems like the DIs are the WORST PWC out there

    I REALLY appreciate help!
    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards

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    prob a bad connection and it was getting hot and gas didnt mix well.. I would find another injector assembly with harness and all. there anr enough of these skis blown up on craigslist/ebay to get one cheap. Just my guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfp2006 View Post
    prob a bad connection and it was getting hot and gas didnt mix well.. I would find another injector assembly with harness and all. there anr enough of these skis blown up on craigslist/ebay to get one cheap. Just my guess

    Thanks for you tip!

    But back to the "main problem", do you guys think the injector has been failing for a while or is it some other problem that causes my "not revving issue"??

    Really appreciate if sameone could give me some clues..



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