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    "Oil" fault after replacing Main oil pump (new gears) and oil pressure regulator?

    Just started up my '04 GTX LTD s/c after replacing main oil pump gears and oil pump regulator parts. After about a minute running with garden hose, got an "Oil" fault and engine went into LIMP mode. 30 - 60 seconds later "Oil" fault disappeared from display and engine revved OK, but shortly later "Check Engine" showed on display. If the oil pressure problem was only momentary after starting engine after rebuilding pump (w/complete oil drain, of course), even if I have good oil pressure now, would the "Oil" fault having occurred bring on the "Check Engine" on display even if I now have good pressure?

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    could be a bad oil pressure switch

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    Bad switch, or you could have a fundamental engine problem causing low oil pressure. Why did you replace the gears?

    I would check oil pressure at the head.

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    Checked pressure at head. Upon start up, pressure almost pegs out the 60 psi gauge I attached, then within 30 seconds gradually peters out to about 5 psi. Took oil filter out and blew some air down the dipstick tube and the oil that came up in the filter vessel was bubbly. Even after dumping 5 quarts of motor oil in the old girl, I wasn't reading on the dipstick. Earlier today, for want of a better idea, I poured a sixth quart into it and restarted it. Pressure at head held at about 30 psi without petering out, like before. Oddly, still barely showing anything on dipstick. Ran it about 5 minutes or so on a garden hose and oil pressure stayed fairly steady at about 30 psi. Not getting any faults. I've been told by a couple shops that it isn't that uncommon after having the engine apart, to take 5-1/2 or a little more oil on the first oil fill. Is my oil likely retaining in the PTO enclosure? Any other ideas. Any likely problem if there is extra oil in the PTO enclosure?


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