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    whats the best paint to use to paint SMC hull with. 1996 wave venture touch up areas.

    Just wondering what is the best paint to use (marine, water based, enamel), to paint the hull with. Have some areas that I would like to paint over and I assume same as a car...sand to roughen surface and clean and spray. Just need to know what is best to paint with.

    Thanks in advance for the help!!!

    Summer baby!!!


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    You can use whatever paint you like, most just use automotive polyurethane based or you can use acrylic with a polyurethane clear coat. I would stick to polyurethane on the hull.

    However you MUST use an epoxy primer on all surfaces of exposed smc. I didn't think the 96 hulls were smc? either way you can't go wrong with an epoxy primer it just costs more.

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