Hello to all,

I have a 04 RXP With around 235hours on it. I am the original owner and keep good care of it. There is nothing wrong with the ski other then the following… I am writing on here in hopes that someone else has experienced what I am going through now with my speedometer working intermittently. So to be clear here my speedometer will work fine then it will stop working while driving then it will start working again.

Recently my speedometer would not work when the ski was cold (1st started up and used it) then after it warmed up (got hot) it worked fine….

Okay TO BE CLEAR on what I have done to narrow it down…..

I checked all wires and performed the test from the manual about turning the speed paddle with multi meter hooked up to wires to get reading it passed that test. I have tried multi meter several times on the wires from the speed paddle all the way to the front of the ski…

I am not getting any trouble codes from the ECU so that checks out.

The Tach & Speedometer both go to MAX Positions then back to normal when the key is inserted just as they are supposed to…..

The Tachometer still works when the speedometer does not. When the speedometer won’t work it does not work analog or digital but the tachometer still works…. Go figure…..

I am at a loss here ready to give up…. Need some help from you guys on here I know there has to be someone else with a RXP OUT THERE that has experienced similar/same problems and perhaps could shed some light on my problem here to help me please….

I am thinking it is either a short in 1 of the wires that I must have missed or it is another unknown electrical problem.