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    Newbie here MSX 140 buying advice

    Hello all Newbie here

    I have never ridin a Jetski thinking of buying a couple of of 2003 MSX 140 I am mechanically inclined I have a garage and tools.

    can anyone tell me what to look for before I buy them? or should I buy them? what do I need to look for? what needs to be done right away?

    one has 100 hours the other has 200+ hours. Do they have heat issues? I know Polaris does not make them anymore.

    Any help appreciated.


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    You will need to do a thorough 'marine survey' of each machine.

    Also review the service and maintenance history and enquire what the previous owner considered 'sufficient maintenance'.

    200 hours is getting up there, unless the engine has been rebuilt.

    If the engine has never been rebuilt, assume that at some point in the not too distant future it will require a rebuild. My own MSX 140 engine had a bearing failure last summer at about 180 hours. No one can say for sure how long a particular engine might last. It could run for 400 hours, it could run for 30 minutes and fail.

    If either engine has been rebuilt, find out who did the rebuild, or how it was done. These engines have Nikasil cylinders, not the typical iron sleeves of other engines. Some rebuilders insert iron sleeves because it is cheaper that way. I had my own cylinders Nikasil replated to stock specifications.

    See my signature links for some useful info and common maintenance items. The MSX 140 has a Ficht fuel injection system, so ignore all the carburetor info and pay attention to the Ficht section.

    The jet pump and some other stuff is common across all Polaris watercraft, but there are some MSX specific aspects, like the through-hull bearing carrier. Recommended rebuild initial on the carrier is every 100 hours, give or take.

    If these are salt water machines, then you can expect additional maintenance and repair issues, unless it was maintained with excessive care.

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    Thanks for responding K447 Owner said never in Salt water maybe that a plus lurking around here I'm wondering about parts
    The Emm is it a difficult part to get? and cost? the through-hull bearing carrier? is it easy to remove/replace?

    These are 10 years old compared to other brands are the higher maintenance? I just plan to use them for camping and going to the local lake here. don't plan on racing I weigh about 200lb my wife is about 120 what do you think the top speed will be?

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    Top speed will be right around 60mph, if the engine and jet pump are both in good shape.

    EMM can be repaired. Cost to repair, if needed, is circa $700, but it tends to be a one time deal.

    So far parts are still generally available. Sometimes only via online ordering, as local dealers tend to not stock parts anymore.

    Where are you located?

    MSX through-hull bearing carrier remove and rebuild is not particularly difficult, just takes some time. Jet pump comes out (not hard at all, once you know how to do it), then a special tool is used to unscrew the drive shaft. Special tool is about $70, as I recall. Then you can get the bearing carrier out, and it uses standard bearings and seals, which just press in.

    On any brand of watercraft salt water tends to corrode stuff and cause issues. It takes a very religious and thorough care regimen after every ride to keep salt water troubles at bay. Some owners know what to do and actually do it, most do not, or not consistently.

    Heat issues? No watercraft should have engine overheat issues. These things have near unlimited water supply for cooling. In fact, they have a thermostat and inlet flow restrictors to control possible over cooling.

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    My 2003 does 54-57 MPH depending on fuel load

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    Last year I was looking for some info on a problem with my MSX-140 (60 hrs). It would run for 30 to 40 minutes and shut down. I took the advice here and bought a new TPS, new plugs, changed fuel, and had the EMM rebuilt ($600) at the end of summer. Got the Emm back too late to try last year.

    Long story short, put it in water yesterday and it ran great, like a new machine, awesome for about 1 hour. Please does anybody have any ideas on what is causing this problem.. I am at the end of my line.

    So Freeman if you are mechanically inclined and want great looking ski with a lot less hours but only runs for an hour at a time you can have this for two grand

    Seriously is there anybody out there that can help.There are no dealers in my area.

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    I hope you get yours fix Taxman I live in Washington State too far for a deal. Well still wondering about the MSX deal here only a few more hours to make up my mine. Thanks for all the information K44 I been reading your post!

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