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    97 Seadoo 787 xp, bogging down.

    Have a 97 Seadoo xp 787 white motor. Brand new top end, freshly cleaned carbs. 157 psi on both cylinders. New spark plugs.

    It starts and idles fine, it also will rev fine on the trailer.

    In the water it will start and idle fine, but once you give it any throttle it starts bogging really bad, and almost seems like its only hitting on one cylinder.

    Electrical issue?

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    Did you clean the carbs/fuel selector and replace the fuel lines? If you ease into the throttle will it still bog? It sounds like you need some fuel system maintenance. The bogging off idle is probably clogged accelerator pump nozzles

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    Well its been sitting at the local "reputable" pwc shop. I would have hoped he would have gone through the carbs. Fuel lines are new. Even when you feather the throttle it still bogs. Im just trying to get a idea from you guys, my ski repair tech seems clueless, or doesnt wanna work on my ski.

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    Classic case of the carbs' fuel filters clogged up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuff View Post
    Classic case of the carbs' fuel filters clogged up...

    Damn if only it was that easy, I hope it is the carbs. I guess he gonna start checking stuff from the beginning. Gonna rack up at $75 per hour lol.

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    I once read a post on one of these jet ski forums that if you can't/won't do your own work on these older 2-stroke skis, you're going to go broke paying a shop to keep them running. Even if that's not 100% true, it's probably at least 98% true!

    Not only are you paying a lot of money, you don't really know what they've done. Not to mention the fact that it's just "sitting" there.

    These things aren't rocket science. Seriously consider doing the work yourself. There is plenty of help on this forum as well as on

    As has already been mentioned, it's time to address the fuel system.

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