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    Hi. I need some more help on a 'new' msx140 that is locked up

    Two weeks ago I found another MSX 140. The owner said that it was locked up and he just wanted to get rid of it. I went to look at it and it was in pretty good shape over all. He thought it had been fliped and got water in the engine and a "mechanic" thought a rod was bent so I brought it home.Last week I started tearing it down. First I pulled the heads off there was no sign of any rust or water damage any where in the pistons pulled the flywheel and found some of the magnets were damaged. pulled the engine the rest of the way down. What I found was the crank is locked up I assume bearings. What I think I need is a different flywheel, new crank, rings, gaskets. Where should I look for a good crank and flywheel? By the way the old MSX 140 is running great this spring thanks again for the help on that one. Now I am hooked on polaris ski's John

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    The crank shaft can be rebuilt. See my signature links for a partial list of crank rebuilders.

    Be aware that this is now peak season for watercraft engine repairs so don't be surprised if the crank rebuilding shops have a backlog.

    The preferred Ficht flywheel is the twelve magnet type. If you cannot find one from the usual online OEM parts sources, they are available used from parted out machines. Some hunting in the Polaris classifieds here on Greenhulk, ebay, etc should turn one up.

    Check whether the current cylinders are still within spec regarding size, taper and piston clearances.

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    After a little more than a year I FINALLY GOT IT RUNNING AND OUT ON THE RIVER LAST SUNDAY. It ran real good I was a little scared to run it much over half throttle.There is so much information here at the hulk .You all do a fantastic job . Thanks Again John

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