Pretty much, I have an 04 superjet, with aftermarket exhaust ride plate, grate, some basic mods. But I threw it in the water, and it will not go past about 3-5kms. I have checked the plugs, the cyclinders are testing 145 each hole, perfect psi.
Is there anything basic I could be missing? Or even if this happens?
Could it be off fuel?
Where I am at the moment, it is winter, and it's freezing. Could the cold weather be the blame?
I didn't warm it up, BUT I was running it for about 100 meters and then I fell off, as It was so hard to stay on going so slow. Brought it back, tried to warm it up, and it flooded on me, then the battery went dead.I took it home, charged the battery, a few hours later when the battery was done, I started her up, and she idles beautifully, no wrong sounds. Rev's out fine

Any help would be very appreciated as I am going to do some work on it tomorrow, try and see what I can come up with!