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    Clogged or bad injector on 04 Gp1300r?

    My brother and I took our Gp1300r's out last weekend. My brother has an 04 Gp1300r basically stock. We had siphoned all but about 4 gallons out of his tank before he refilled due to the gas being about 9 months old. I thought we had all the gas out but turns out when he filled up there was more left in the tank than I expected. He refilled with Ethanol free (this time). When we got his ski on the water, it was cutting in and out like it was going back and two from running on 2 to 3 cylinders. After about 5 minutes of this, the ski began to run perfect for about 15 miles. We brought them back to the bank, ate, and went back out for a ride. After about 5 miles, his ski started running poorly like it was running on 2 cylinders and would not come up to full speed. We waked back in to the beach. I pulled the plugs and checked compression one cylinder at a time. 1st spark plug was brown at the tip and compression was 120 psi. 2nd plug same results. When I pulled the 3rd cylinder plug, the tip color was white. I was almost scared to put the compression tester on the cylinder but when I did it still had 120 psi. (I had checked all 3 cylinders prior to the ride that day also and compression hasn't changed). The ski never shut off during the ride. I hope he dodged a bullet with the lean condition. My question is, has anyone had an injector go bad or get clogged up and have symptoms like this? My theory is maybe since #3 injector is near the end of the fuel rail that any nasty stuff from the gas went there 1st and clogged the injector or possibly the injector went bad. I plan on pulling the fuel rail and checking them out but he lives a couple of hours away from me so I haven't gotten the ski from him yet. BTW, I get it back running he better sell it because I'm getting too old for working on these skis!

    Thanks for any input.

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    I have seen quite a few bad injectors

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    I have seen quite a few bad injectors
    Thanks for the response WFO. My brother is bringing it to me today so we will see. I hope it is a fuel feed issue and not a leaky seal giving it too much air.

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