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    Test Drive of a 2012 GTR 215 and a GTI SE 130 with 11 hours on them

    This is my first post on this forum so please go easy on me. I am 99% sure I am purchasing the following used skis after a sea trial tomorrow. Both are Sea Doos, first ski is a 2012 GTR 215 the second ski is a 2012 GTI SE 130 both have 11 hours on them. The current owner purchased them in July of 12. The Skis are in mint shape and come with 2012 karavan trailer with attached steel dock box, vests, covers, coast guard package, sea anchors and mis other stuff. I feel that the negotiated price of 20 grand is fair but was looking for some opinions both on price and on the skis. From what I have seen on the forum most say they are great machines. Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks. The skis look amazing on the trailer.

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    I think its a good deal, I have a 2012 GTI SE 130 with a little over 50 hours on it all from last summer,no problems at all with the ski so far,I love it. The GTR is also a very nice ski,it will be faster.I have not seen or heard of any problems with either machine. The super charger on the GTR wont need rebuilt until 200 hours according to Sea Doo,some on these forums say 100 hours but in the last year or 2 Sea Doo changed it to 200 hours.I feel you are getting a good deal and both machines are very good and reliable skis.

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    price is ok.
    Skis are sweet.
    Both skis are almost bullet proof.

    Welcome aboard the hulk!!!

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    All right so the skis a really good and the price is fair for both of us. so it seems like a win for both of us. Leaving now to go for a ride. Thanks for the reply.

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    Things went well I now own 2 Seadoos. Unreal how fast the GTR is. Now looking for some tips on how everyone stores things> Also the skis came with sand anchors, do they work or is there something better to use.

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    I use a sand anchor and it works fine,not sure if there is anything better,I like the sand anchor because there is no metal to scratch things when its stored in the ski. What do you mean by stores things? By the way congrats on the skis,you will have tons of fun.

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    I was looking for types of coolers and boxes to use. I found a couple of small otter boxes. Figured i would need to get a couple of folding coolers. What I was looking for was a way to store stuff, towels etc in all the nooks and crannies. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not.

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    Well I keep my anchor and my tie ropes in the front compartment and when not riding the vests go in there.I carry a wet and a dry towel with me in my truck every time I go riding so when Im done riding I use the wet towel to wipe the ski off then dry it and put my cover on,I feel this is easier then washing it when I get home,also there are no dried lake water spots to try and get off. I wet the towel then wrap it in a plastic trash bag. I do take a cooler to the lake but I leave it in my truck and when I want to I just go back to the truck and eat or drink something, Im sure someone on here can help you more with taking a cooler on the ski if thats what you are wanting to do. I did carry 1 towel on the ski in the front compartment but found out the hard way if you flip the ski over it gets wet in there LOL so I just leave it in the truck now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alka2710 View Post
    Things went well I now own 2 Seadoos. Unreal how fast the GTR is. Now looking for some tips on how everyone stores things> Also the skis came with sand anchors, do they work or is there something better to use.
    Just wondering what color the GTI is?? mine is the black and sunshine orange,would rather of had the red but they didnt have one in that color.

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    The GTI is the red and white. The skis look great on the trailer. My friends son said they look like they could be transformers. Going to get a couple of dry bags and collapsable coolers. One other question. I would like to keep the batteries charged at home. Can anyone recommend a good trickle charger. Thanks

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