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    battery will not charge!

    Hi guyís it has been a while!
    Since the rebuild I have logged around 20 hours on the rebuilt motor, runs great no issue with water in oil or idling problems. The issue I have now is the battery is discharging and not charging while running. I donít know if you ever had your battery go dead but when it does your done. The first time it happened I just figured the battery was beyond charging so I replaced the battery and it went dead on me again. Can anyone help me out with this? Itís a 2004 MSX 110.
    Thanks Tim

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    Have you put a volt meter on the battery? What is the voltage before start, while running, and after shutdown?

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    Confirm that your system is powering down after you pull the lanyard out. Pull lanyard... then squeeze throttle and listen for ETB to sweep... if you hear it... bad SIFB.

    When the SIFB fails... it commonly doesn't let the system power down and it's like leaving your car's ignition in the Run position with the engine off. It'll drain your battery dead. But that's while it sits. Not sure about running... I'd think it should work normally while running... meaning the battery should be getting charged. But it'll drain it while off.

    Worth a check.


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    OK, I put a volt meter on the battery before 13.10 during 12.87 after 13.04. and it appears to be powering down ok. what would be the next thing to look for? Thanks Tim

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