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    100 hour supercharge maintance warning 08 rxp x 255?

    Summer is here!!!! Nice
    Quick q: just got a rebuild on 08 rpx x 255 at 99 hr. Went out to today to break it in slowly with the last years gas, I hit 100hr today and it displayed supercharger maintenance. Do.i have to reset it or will it disapper?

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    Needs to be reset. Have to use Candoopro or take it to a dealer to get it reset with BUDS.

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    Mine has been going off for a while. Just don't feel like getting it reset.

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    from what I understand the warning is now based on the examination of various engine parameters and not just an hour timer. I'd have it reset right after rebuilding the charger. Worth the money to know when the ski thinks the charger needs service, might be a mpem update to take into account the latest kit, which claims a 200 hour washer which case taking it to the dealer is advised as Candoo cannot apply any Seadoo firmware updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocman View Post
    Mine has been going off for a while. Just don't feel like getting it reset.
    Good to know im not the only one. Lol
    I also feel if you keep your ski in good maintenance then no display should matter.
    i rather ask before do. Lol

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