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    Replacing Key

    My 2005 Bombardier Wake is not starting and staying started. I believe it is all related to the key or key "sensor", I do not get the 2-beeps unless I position the key in a certain way - and that is not an easy task. In addition, once it is started it cuts off shortly after it is running. What part(s) do I need, and what is the logical replacement process for the key and related starting systems?


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    key is bad or post is bad? have a spare key or learning key? try that one if it acts the same then post is bad or worn out.

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    Sounds like a bad dess post.

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    welcome to GH

    the magnetic switch inside the post is failing.

    replace the dess post

    but first clean the inside part of the key with a damp rag and check again.

    while magnetic switches are supposed to have a long life with thousands of actuations, it's common to see the switch fail and require a post replacement

    Inexpensive relative..just a bit of a pain to deal with. Make sure the connections to the new switch are waterproofed as the new switch comes with bare wire ends

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