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    Help W/ Purchase of Used 2011 VXR (8hrs)

    Hello Everyone,

    Considering purchasing a used Yamaha 2011 VXR w/ 8hrs. I'm a little concerned with the hours on the ski and was hoping for some insight regarding the odometer. It is under warranty until 2016 from what I've been told but is there a way for me to see this pwc's service record and/or verify that the warranty is still intact?

    Any help is really appreciated!


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    Call any yamaha dealer they should be able to tell you if they have an extended warranty.

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    warranty should be fine, yamaha calls for the first service @ 10 hours

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    call yamaha customer service run HIN#

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpr717 View Post
    call yamaha customer service run HIN#
    Awesome Thanks! I'm basically just trying to make sure the hours haven't been tampered with. Don't want to buy it and take it in for service to have them void my warranty then be stuck...

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    There is no way to roll back the hours.
    If its got 8 hrs and its not looking brand new then somebody changed the guages or ecu.
    Oil should be new looking at 8 hrs.

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    Thank you guys for all the great help since you can roll back the hours, People around are telling they just disconnect the cluster when they ride and the ski doesn't register the hours??

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    You can call 1-866-YES-EXTD or 1-866-937-3983 and speak to them directly about the extended warranty. Give them the HIN and they should be able to let you know the warranty status. That seems right for the hours on that year of ski unless they just let it go to waste while storing it. The dealer should be able to hook it up and verify the hours.

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