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    95 SLT Broken Connecting Rod - What's it worth?

    Hey Guys/Gals -

    First off - thank you for all the help with a 1995 SL 750 I rebuilt with all the good advice and help on the Hulk. Triple fuel pump, new fuel lines, new carb kit, and last weekend we ran the snot out of it. Had a blast out in open water and even started to get brave and do donuts with it Thanks again - sincerely had a good time.

    Anyhow - picked up a 95 SLT three-seater and somehow managed to snap the con-rod on the third cylinder. Oddly enough - looks like the jug is still good, the piston didn't (at first glance) score the cylinder, but it'll need the motor pulled, crank resurfaced/remachined, new con-rod, bearings, new piston and rings and probably a new gasket kit. It has everything else with it - carbs, electronic box, the MFD still works and put new fuel lines and fuel pump on it. Like I said - it's good except for the broken con-rod and crank (like saying you have a Ferrari but it just needs a new motor.)

    Between the initial purchase, gasket kits, spark plugs and all the miscellaneous stuff (I'm keeping an itemized list to see what my expenses are) I've got some money into this machine.

    What's it worth as is?? If I part it out -the sum of the parts will be worth more than the whole - but looking for perspective...

    General thoughts on my next steps?



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    Polaris crank shafts are usually rebuilt end to end, not piece meal. Since the crank needs to be pressed apart anyways, might as well change all the bearings while doing the job.

    The rebuild will include new journals for each connecting rod.

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    $300 for a new crank. $1000-1200 for the ski in good working order....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueFishCrisis View Post
    $300 for a new crank. $1000-1200 for the ski in good working order....

    That's kinda what I figured - I'll break even after I ride it - assuming I can get it back together...


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