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    2001 rx di maintenance

    Hi guys, I hope I can get to some deeper diagnostics than what I have already tried. i copied the thread from the other side for a history. This is also posted on I hope I haven't commited some ettiquate violation, but need the help.

    Took new to me ski to lake and noticed that the ski was overheating. looked on line and saw that multiple issues could cause this. Cleared grating and intake. Nothing noticed. Flushed system with hose. Nothing noticed. Used air compressor and blew system out. Unhooked the #4 connector from MPEM and checked resistance on ETS (engine temperature sensor). Came out about approximately 1500 Ohms. I am pretty sure that this is the problem.

    2) Took ski to lake next day and sure enough, blinking red light and maintenance flashing. It is in limp mode. I am now ordering a new sensor to replace the the one that read poorly. Would this cause the limp home mode? When sensor is replaced, will ski come out of limp mode without taking to dealership?

    This is what I got from Dr. Honda (edited for clarity)

    It sounds like you found the over temp issue. Replace the sender, and check the wire for damage.

    As far as "Coming out of limp mode"... you should be able to reset it yourself. BUT... since I don't own a Di... I don't remember how. BUT... it does say how to reset an error message in the owners manual. If you need that... you can down load it from Seadoo's web site under the "Owner center" tab.

    Then i did this

    Ok, took RX DI to local mechanic shop. He placed on CanDoo and sure enough, the temperature sensor was not reading. I replaced it today and no still joy. I checked resistance on the sensor and it read approximately 2500 Ohms. checked it the MPEM #4 plug and got the same reading. x checked the wiring diagram to make sure that I had the right wires on the MPEM #4 plug and it was good. Still picking up a maintenance light (blinking light of wallet death). double checked maintenance manual and it stated to replace MPEM. reallly don't want to have to do that and want to rule out all other variables.
    I am open to suggestions now. I am taking ski back to mechanic and Candoo box to see if we ended up getting a new code.

    then I did this

    Ok, Update time for those of you following this miserable post.

    took it to the code reader again.

    Ok, only a few non active electrical faults and multiple active faults only on the engine temperature sensor. I am assuming that this is the sensor located at the top of the block behind the fuel rail. If there is another temp sensor, i am not seeing it. I looked at the temp sensor (it was a bosch) took the numbers to napa and will have a new one tomorrow morning. 18.00$ VS 78.00$ from stealership.

    I am going to try that one just for fun before I replace the voltage regulator/rectifier that is behind the MPEM (because i like throwing money in this hull). If that does not work, I will most likely have to find a new MPEM, OUCH!!!

    I have also checked the resistance on both the old sensor, new sensor, and both sensors on the #4 end.

    I even took the plug apart and lightly squeezed the female wire sockets just to make sure that the contact with the MPEM was good.

    Also, just checked the EGT sensor at MPEM. Good to go. I just don't get why the computer will not read sensor.

    BTW I know lots of places that will rebuild brains on trucks, cars, and others. Why don't they refurb these?
    And this

    I am looking for just about anything now.

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    the shop with the candoo is your best bet for solving this issue.

    is the engine really overheating?..

    I'd hook it up on the candoo and run it in the water tank and watch the temp meter in candoo to see if rise time was too fast.

    an overheat warning clears itself, there is no way to clear error codes on a DI without a candoo or other product in that class
    your mechanic should clear the codes in the mpem and run the ski again and note the faults, the number of faults and exactly when the fault happened.

    Diagnosing a DI issue is not that simple.

    Seadoo doesn't refurb the mpems, they are sealed in epoxy. Plenty of mpems on ebay for reasonable don't have to drop a grand into this ski.

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    He cleared the codes and we did run it. it just is not sensing the sensor. I found an MPEM and have decided to go that route.n Ilwt you know in a week or so. eventually I will buy a candoo.

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    Let us know if the MPEM solved your problem. Sorry to hear about your problems. The RX DI's are great skis though but when they go wrong bend over.

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    changed the voltage regulator. charging the battery. hopefully it is just some wierd thing with the electronics. have I missed anything you all can think of?

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