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    SLT 780 Doesnt start gas in fuel filter.


    I changed my fuel level and connected the limp (gray cable in the box) and the orange and black ( bilge pump). After that the jet ski started for a couple of seconds and than stopped running. I tried to start it several times and it will not start again. Now it doesnt stort anymore. I opened the gas filter and it is empty. It looks like and sounds like that the jetski doesnt get fuel anymore.

    Is there a fuel pump or some fuses in the CDI. I DONT KNOW WHY THE BILGE PUMP WAS DISCONNECTED. I RECONNECTED IT AND IT IS RUNNING. What could be the problem. I just fixed the fuel level and the MDF just works fine and shows the correct fuel level.


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    You changed the fuel sender unit, correct?

    My guess is that you have reconnected the fuel lines incorrectly.

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