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    Where to buy engine alignment tool...

    Looking to buy an engine alignment tool for keeps not rent. Where is the best place to buy one of these?

    Aligning a 2004 RXP motor is that helps.

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    SBT. I bought one of their alignment tools about 5 years ago, and it is really well made.

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    About the only thing most people will say good about SBT.

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    SBT is the least expensive option.

    When I got mine a few years ago, it got dropped during shippig and it screwed up the engine end of it..drove me crazay till I measured it. they sent me a new one AND a return shipping label.

    pays for itself on first use.

    lube it really well with wd40 or silicon spray each time you use it.

    it seems studly, but treat it with respect

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    I bought one off of ebay and it was less than $200 shipping and all. Funny thing is, the bags in the box had sbt on them.

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