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    How to check a polaris octane before buying? and power problem.

    I'm new in the all jet ski world and I'm buying a polaris octane 2004 in a few days.
    I don't know anything about skis but i have a good machanic sense (and I'm a motocross rider for years so I know my way around engine and stuff)
    and I would like to know how to check the ski and what to check? what is the infortent stuff that I should check and how?
    I took it for a test run and first thing I notect is that it is a little bet hard to start and dosn't idle (I understod it is normal for the octane is it true?) and the second problem is that when I give it throttle all the way it dosn't get all the power and just 2-3 second later in "opens" up. The owner told me the ski was sitting for a long time and it needs the carb clean, is it true?
    When I came back from the run and tried to start the engine again it didn't start and only after trying a couple if times it turned on, is this also because of a dirty carb? (as the owner sad)
    Is it normal that after the rub there wos a little bet water it the engine area?
    There is a hole in one of the flame arrestors, is it a big problem or i can ride with it?

    excuse my speling problems lol

    Thanks alot,

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    See this thread for a recent Octane resurrection;

    The Octane hulls have a reputation for getting waterlogged with water soaking into the foamed area under the tray where it does not dry out.

    Also see my signature links for common maintenance items on the red domestic Polaris motors.

    My understanding is that the stock carburetors on the Octane do not have an idle stop so the engine shuts down if you release the throttle lever.

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    Taking on water is par for the course with an octane. They are poorly bonded and leak.
    At one point, companies were re-bonding them.

    Defoaming it and adding a scupper/Versa plug would be a good idea.

    If you have a good running ski at a good price you're in business even if it needs minor work. Just be advised that 50% of the parts- primarily anything non-mechanical- are discontinued. No one parts out octanes so used parts are few and far between. New parts from Polaris are obviously pricey.

    As far as the ski itself, it's fast for a stand up. 100 hp stock. It is noticeably heavier than a superjet however (30lbs) and its wide. Not a great handling ski. Doesn't corner well and chines at high speed unless you do some handling mods.

    As K447 just pointed out, I just rebuilt one

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    First of all thanks alot for both of you for the answers.
    Second, the ski runs but there is a couple of things that I am worried about.
    When i rode it and gave it all the throttle only 2-3 seconds later it powered up in addition after riding it it wos hard to start, the seller sed it needs a carb clean (the ski set for long time), Is it true?
    Next, There is a hole in the flame arrestor, can I ride like this?
    and last, after I rode it there was a littel bet water in the engine compartment, Is it normal?

    Thanks again,

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    If you were not diving it thru waves. The water could be a old seal at the prop shaft. Easy fix and cheap.

    If it's sat and has Keihin carbs could be a bad accelerator pump. A rebuild should take care of that.

    Main thing check compression. Sounds like small fixable stuff if compression is good.
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