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    '94 VXR Cover - Jet Tribe Won't Fit - Anything Similar / Slightly Larger?

    Hey All,

    Well after reading out here I decided to order a Jettribe. It came today and will not fit on my ski. Model says it is the proper one and will fit my '94 VXR Pro but the handle bar pockets are not wide enough, my handle bars are about 2" wider then what the cover handles. As a result it throws off the whole cover and will not fit entirely over the back of the ski.

    Is there another make/model that is similar to the ski I have but a hair larger? I am going to email Jettribe to see but thought maybe someone else has run into this.


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    I am having the same problem with my 94 vxr pro. So I sent it back to jettribe and they gave me a new cover, the new cover did not fit either. So now I'm am sending both covers back to get a refund. Can't get the cover to go over the back of the ski.

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    How wide are your handle bars on your vxr pro? Mine are 27" and the pockets of the cover are only 24"

    Do you have a contact for jettribe? I ordered this cover off Ebay and am working on returning it...


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    My handlebars measure 27" across. Email Jess Ybarra at I got my cover from ebay too, but the second cover she sent me didn't fit either. I would rather have a cover that fits rather than a refund. If you have any luck finding a cover let me know.

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