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    2006 kawai stx15-4 put water through without engine running

    Ran water through it without engine running, now have water in cylinder heads that shoot up through spark plug holes when i turn it over, like the dancing water foutain in las vegas. How do i get water out, what damage should i expect, what should i do

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    1. Pull all 4 plugs out and continue to turn over until NO water comes out.
    2. Do not replace plugs until NO water comes out. If you do and one slug is still loaded you can cause engine damage.
    3. Check your oil.
    4. If it is milky or elevated level pump it all out and replace immediately. You may need to do this more than once if water is in oil.
    5. After getting ALL of the water out put anti-sieze on your plugs and torque to spec. I believe 113 in lbs. ALWAYS torque them and use anti-sieze.
    6. Start the ski. As soon as it fires and will stay running at idle, shut it down.
    7. Hook up hose. DO NOT turn on water.
    8. Start engine
    9. Turn on hose.
    10. Run engine for 5 minutes at idle while on hose.
    12. Turn off engine.
    13. Check oil. Make sure it does not look like milkshake. That it looks like good clean oil.

    Do this stuff NOW. If you wait rust can develope and cause you even bigger problems.

    Good luck and please report back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike69girl View Post
    like the dancing water foutain in las vegas

    I had so many sunk skis show up during my first season that I called that effect :


    as in

    Your ski Bellagioed

    I'd pump that oilout before even starting the engine...why spread it around?

    follow that advice..quickly, as every minute counts.

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    no water in oil everything is good I did what u said.gonna change the filter and oil now thanks 4 your help

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    thanks 4 the help water gone no wayer in oil chaged filter and oil anyway

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    Be sure to check the oil after a few minutes of riding. There may be some that just has not shown itself yet. Glad to see you got the help needed and your problem taken care of.
    Welcome to the forum.

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    If there was water in the cylinders, I'd bet my money that some dripped down into the oil pan. Change the oil and filter a second and third time after running the motor until hot. It's worth the few dollars to be sure. If you see condensation on the inside of the oil fill cap, then there is definitely water in the oil.

    Also, before doing anything else, look for the drain plug on the underside of the intake manifold and remove it. Chances are that some water backed up into the manifold. If you leave it in there, it will find its way into the cylinders and the oil.

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    yeah bought 2 filters I will get a third good advice thanks.i don't get it I've had these o6's the stx 15-f since 06 and I know I ran water with engine off several times guess I got lucky

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    Glad you got it working... Question though, why are you running water through the engine with the engine off?

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