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    900 ZXI runs fine on the trailer but not in the water...

    I have had a few skis (All with the 750 2 cyl engine) but this is my first 3 cyl one. Here is what I know about the ski. Bought it on craigslist cheap. got it home and the engine was frozen so I got a hot battery and kept tapping the starter button and moving the driveshaft till it started to turn. engine now being freed up it was full of water. got the water out and sprayed some starting fluid in the carbs and vola... it started... took the carbs off and they were completely clogged. (The registration expired 11/11 so it must have been sitting since then with water in it) got the carbs cleaned out and reinstalled. added some mixed fuel and it started and was running off of the fuel I put in the tank. it seems to rev fine with the hose hooked up (But not as fast as I think it should and there is a good amount of vibration) but it seems like it has a good amount of torque. I put it in the lake and it idles fine and runs ok, just not past 4-5K. I have tried playing with the choke and it doesn't seem to help all of the time. I've been reading as much as I can abut these and people are saying that they can run well on 2 cyl. I did a compression test and all 3 cyl are at 95psi. I know that is a little low but didn't think it too bad. (The min in the manual was 80 I think) So, here are some photos of how bad the carbs were (Before and after) And a video of it running.

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    First reaction reading was ouch! I don't know the details of how it freed up but I hope some fogging oil or at least oil was used.... If not that was just metal to metal and runs a risk of breaking a ring and/or scoring the wall, then add ether(the opposite of oil), you are brave. It sounds like a low compression issue, and on top of that, by looking at the carbs, the fuel separated and did more than can just be cleaned, so I would start by rebuilding those ($40 each @ SBT and check the pop off PSI). If your running premix then get the block off kit, I don't know for sure if the empty oil hoses will affect the fuel mixture. W/ water sitting in the engine, I would assume the lower end has some problems. Corrosion is not good for roller bearings so plan on a rebuild - I have freed up a seized engine before and got a season out of it - didn't run 100% but decent enough. Get your fuel delivery taken care of(carbs+filter+oil mix) then run it a bit - it might run a little better with some time.

    Just rebuilt my engine, and carbs and at idle there's some vibration (it's a 2 stroke) any throttle she smooths out. Top speed is 55 - broke the damn handle bar my first time out!

    You know you should have the engine running before you turn on the water or you'll just fill up the cylinders right? Looks good though - someone spent some money on sponsons and the hydro turf, it'll be a nice ski all done.

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    Did it have water in the crankcase? If so, time for a new crankshaft. Rod bearings that have been corroded can't be repaired. It will run poorly until the rollers fail, then they'll wander through out the engine and break things. The pistons will start hitting the head, etc. Then you'll spend even more fixing it right the second time.

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