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    XLT 1200 MPH Issue

    Built a ski for a friend of mine over the winter and it only does 45 MPH. Here are the Mods

    2004 XLT 1200
    155 PSI Head Mod
    Carb Rebuilt 110 pilot 120 main 1.5 n/s 95 gram spring
    Riva Stinger
    Pump Shoe Plug Kit
    Wave Eaters
    R&D Plate
    Solas 12/18 Prop
    Riva Grate
    Pre Mix
    Flame Arrestors

    I thought about changing the prop to a 13/19 to see if it helped.

    Surely this ski should do atleast 60-6mph

    Anyone have any ideas what's dragging it down.

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    My 2002 XLT 1200's in stock form with D-Plates an WE's run 59-60 so it should run a good bit faster.

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    Thanks Hopefully will chime in and give me an idea as to what it might be.

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    On a positive note it comes out of the hole like gang busters!

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    GPS confirmed numbers or dream-o-meter? What's ur top engine RPM?
    maybe the power valves aren't moving.

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    GPS confirmed. Power Valves are opening as they should. RPM's are around 6700

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    love your thread title, dont we all have that issue

    whats your compression?nthough its probably irrelevant if you have strong take offs.

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    I have a very similar issue with my xlt1200. I can't get it over 30 mph. Last season it did 50+.
    I'm curious what the problem is. I really hope I can fix it rather than a trip to the dealer.

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    try the new spark plugs and premium fuel

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    I am thinking it's PV related since the RPM's are a little low. I am going to adjust them today per the manual when I get off work. Its hitting about 6700 rpms which is low commpared to where it should be.

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