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    Need Help, Running like choke is on alittle bit ??

    Shout out for help, I have a 2001 GPR 1200, Set up for ocean fishing, have a d plate installed, It sat for 4 months (used sta-bil in fuel)and I took her out in the ocean fishing, it ran great for 2 hours plus, on the way in it started to lose power (like the choke was on a little bit). Made it back with luck, put new plugs in, emptied the fuel (and put new in, and took it out again the next day and it seems to want to take off good (at first) but sounds sluggish and act sluggish too (the same), cant get over about 40 mph out of It. Not sure what to check next.
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    Make sure there is no oil in the hull. you could have lost a oil line. check the compression if all is ok you probably need to go through the carbs.

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    I may seem dumb, but there no oil in the hull, took off the exhaust chamber (not easy) and I look at the carbs, how do you get those boys off , the bolts are hidden and way under the carbs, special tools ?????

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    No special tools unless you don't have Allen wrench sockets. First pull the rubber boot at the front of the air box so you can get to the bottom slide lock on the air box cover. Then use a 10mm to pull air box screen and back then you can get to the 10 bolts mounting the carbs. then cables and fuel hoses.

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    Thank for the info !!!!

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