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    00 GP1200R jug #3 blown--Help!

    So I blew jug #3. After a pressure test, I found that the rear seals on the crank are leaking. The problem is that I'm trying to get the flange off and get to the rear seals. I want to replace them and I'd prefer not pulling the crank if at all possible. What do I need? What do I do to get this going?

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    I apologize. Jug 1 blew. Piston 3 blew a few years ago. We salvaged that jug. This jug/piston cannot be salvaged. All oil and fuel lines were replaced and had new clamps put on them. We're not sure if it's a fuel issue or what. I figured jug 3 would go again with the leak at the rear seal. We're going to rejet the carbs, follow the OSide Bill post on his carb mods and do the fuel return line mod. Point is, we're planning on fixing this issue and continuing with some good-practices mods to keep 'er going. What do we need to do to replace the seal?

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    To replace seals you will need to remove motor and top end. Split cases and install new oem seals the correct way facing. There's a write up on it in the how to section.

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