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    Suggestions please!!

    Hi .. I was riding my 07 RXP today and my ski capsized today and after my LCD cluster screen has 80% of the screen faded away. Is there anything that I can do to fix this or do I have to buy a new one? I always thought these components were water proof. Another thing is for some reason my trim works out side of the water but not in the water. I have no idea as to why. I checked the fuses and they were good.



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    Once a guage starts to dump on you the only solution is a new 1.

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    Not something I wanted to hear

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    Maybe try a bag of rice and time as it may absorb the moisture. Sooner the better, but no guarantees. Try and find where the water entered and drain as much possible. Then place in the rice bag and give it a few days. Worth a shot.

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    Bin and new one ... Been there and done that a few times ....

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    I have dropped my phones in water and what I did was put it in rubbing alcohal ans stir it around real vigorously. leave and soak about 5mins. Then put it in a bag of rice over night. ofcoarse drain it real well before putting in the rice. I have done this to two phones and it worked both times. Worth a shot. What do you have to lose? Have to buy a new gauge? LOL. Try it.

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    Well it's been sitting since yesterday so I guess I have to get to it today

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    So I'm going to buy another cluster.. Was wondering does this new cluster have to be reprogrammed by the dealer? And if so does anyone know how much they charge?

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