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    Buying 1996 Seadoo Xp, where do I ground spark plug wires?

    Wondering if anyone has pictures of where I need to ground the spark plug wires?

    I am going to see a 1996 seadoo XP which apparently has had a top and bottom end rebuild 8 hours ago. I want to check compression, but have zero experience with these.

    I am very mechanically inclined so if I know where things are, I can get the job done. I just don't want to take forever looking for these parts just incase the seller does not know where they are located.

    Again, other than the general inspection if impeller, wear ring and all that, what should I look for. One thing that does strike me as weird, is the fact that he says the wear ring needs replacing, now would this not have been done with a top and bottom end?

    All help and pictures are greatly appreciated.

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    The rear black electrical box has two stainless tabs that stick up for the plug wires(by the battery). The leads are long enough though that you can throw them out on the right side of the hull.

    The wear ring is a normal replacement part located in the pump. So his story checks out so far

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    Sounds good then. Thanks for the help.

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    Going to see this badboy Saturday. Wish me luck.

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    I love my 96' XP. Wouldnt trade it for anything.

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