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    new ski help

    Hi Greenhulk,
    I am in the market for my first ski.I have a smaller lake near me about 650 acres and i also live near the hudson river so i will probably bring it there i also have a vacation house in tampa florida and i will bring it there occasionally and also bring it to the jersey shore. I am looking at several skis and cant choose which one I narrowed it down to the SEADOO RXP-x 260,RXT-X 260 or the jet ski ultra 300x. I was almost sold on one of the sea doos until i heard about the 300hp monster kawi but i cant seem to get over the looks and features of the sea doos 260s and with a few mods i heard they can keep up with stock 300hp kawis. So basicly i need a good all around ski that is good at jumping and rough water as well as small lake riding. Ive heard for rough water the kawi is the way to go but i really like the looks and features of sea doos. What would you guys recommend i dont know too many things about skis so that is why im asking around here. Any help would be great thanks.

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    I just went through this for myself. Here is the thread with the fantastic help from the guys on here:

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    in my opinion you dont need all the fancy bells and whistles on a sea doo.

    the ultra300 handles very well in choppy waters. I would say get a yamaha fzs, its got a monster 1800cc powerplant and its also very reliable. but if it comes down to the sea doo vs kawi get the kawi.

    honestly no matter what people say, if speed is your only selling point... the rxt-x, fzs, and ultra300x all are within 2 mph of each other and i also think that the yamaha is the best platform to start with for mods.

    Welcome to the hulk!

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    if you arent into wrenching and want to ride, ride, ride. VXR

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    This is not a decision for any of us to make for you. Each person on this site will recommend their favorite. There are literally tons of this type of thread.
    What you need to do is find someone or a dealer that will allow it and ride the skis you are considering. You need to make that decision on your own. Give or take you are about to spend $15000. That is not for us to tell you how. Each ski has positives and negatives. Each ski has it's own place in the market. None of them are truely in competition with eachother in the recreational world yet they all are also.
    The 300, the PX/TX, and the FZ which I would say since you will ride offshore conditions the ones I would suggest you go test are the T-X, Ultra 300, and the FX SHO.

    Welcome and best of luck in your search.

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