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Thread: No power

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    No power

    Went out on the lake today ski ran awesome tied up to the boat and then went to start it and no power at all. Battery is charged. Need help

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    Forgot to say its a 2000 ultra 150

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    Fuses?? is there power getting to the solenoid? Did you turn the key on?? (Only asking because I have forgotten before... )

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    Mine has circuit breakers and both are good. Key is on. There is no power to the display at all. Don't have any idea why

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    Ultra man ill be over in alittle to help diagnose it

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    ok guess we could use alittle help.. went over to diagnose, i have many many extra parts we swapped to just see if there's a difference, Starter relay, volt regulator swapped, breakers tested, on off swtich tested, ingnition and ecu swapped. I only own a manual for 2003 and up and we have narrowed the issue to the black box on the steering support. When unplugged and plugged back in we hear a faint click then it will shortly stop doing anything at all. Out of all the extra parts i have its the only thing i dont have ( since i run a 2003 hull the black box was updated in 2002) Does anyone have a 2000 manual? i would like to see what that box actually controls in the older models. I know there is a relay in there for the starter but is there one for the display also?

    the engine went though a complete rebuild 3hrs ago and has a brand-new starter. any ideas would be good, but a diagram of what that box does would be even better!


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    Ground wire?

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    That was the first thing checked. Sorry didn't list

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    Hey ultra man I have the manual at home, it's the paper copy but possibly I could take a picture of those pages and post?

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