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    Congrates to the winners

    Congratulations to the winners at the Drags. Especially to Kerry Hibdon! Rocketman, way to go. There is a target on your back again. Also would like to congratulate Stan Hightower for being a sportsman kind a guy.....for letting T-roy in with a backup ski (and getting beat by Troy) and April for her second place finish against her Husband. Might be a long night for Kerry. LOL

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    Congratulations to Carlos del Valle from Crt for winning the unlimited class being a good sport and letting Abdullah Alfadel race him in the finals with a different ski.
    Congrats to Maikel Gonzales for posting the highest speeds of the weekend in unlimited speed alley on two different CRT skis in the adverse water conditions.
    Congrats to duke zhorn for battling it out on his gp all the way up to third place. Thumbs up!

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    Congrats that no one got hurt!!

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