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    tongue weight

    after researching on this Forum I realize that I need at least 10% tongue weight but would like more like 15%. I have a dilemma however, my trailer is 15ft long, the axle is 11.5 feet from the hitch. My ski's a 2000 XLT and a 2008 RXP-X sit right over the axle, starting 7 feet from the hitch. the weight seems correct for one ski (grunt test) haven't tried it with both yet. It seems to pull fine even at higher speeds. Once in a while I feel like I have to fight it side to side, but I can't tell if that's the road or a weight problem. I've loaded some bark incorrectly before and had the trailer fish tail so bad that it almost flipped so it's nothing like that. It doesn't seem to do it when I'm decelerating really just when I'm at a steady speed. >>
    Do these dimensions seem like they would be the proper set up for 10% tongue weight? I would like to put a little more weight on the tongue because I think my new truck can handle it, but not sure if it's going to be possible. I did add a tool box to the front so that helps I guess. >>

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    See this recent thread which discusses a lot of the issues related to trailer configuration.

    You want the tongue weight to be correct when one hull is on the trailer, the other hull (by itself) is on the trailer, or both are on the trailer.

    The correct position for each ski is determined by the location of center of gravity of each hull, not its length. A watercraft with its weight more towards the rear would need to be positioned farther forward on the trailer to get the tongue weight correct.

    Other factors also affect trailer handling. The size and type of the tires, the suspension on the trailer, the flex of the trailer frame, whether the trailer frame is level when on the road...

    If you have a leaf spring suspension make sure the axle and springs are not able to flex out of line due to wear, missing or damaged bushings, broken brackets or welds, bent frame or axle, etc. Personally I prefer the torsion type axle, which is a much more controlled ride for the trailer and pulls smoothly.

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    I would figure tongue weight with empty gas tanks, since they are forwardly located in the ski. If figuring for a craft with a rear gas tank such as a John Boat with an outboard, I would figure tongue weight with a full tank of gas.

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