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    96 SL700 dies in rough water.

    Ok.. I searched the fourm and tried to look before this post. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. But any ways, my twin carb SL700 will start up fine run good and then in choppy water it died. It cranked for a while and started back up and did the same thing. I got it to a calm part and it was cutting out on me while on plane at speed. It seemed to be missing too. A few times it cranked for a while before it started back up. So I figured I had a loose wire and it was a bad connection. But then I notices as it started dying I would pump the throttle and it would seem to come back to life! Then as I was putting around the "missing" also went away and rode full speed no issues. It will idle just fine and I could shut it off and restart it no problems. The day before it ran great with not an issue and I was bouncing all over that day too.

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    I'd suspect an issue with the fuel system or possibly ignition. Do you know if the ski has the updated ignition in it? What color are the spark plug boots? Is the ski new to you? What's it's history?

    My first thought would be that the fuel system probably needs to be gone through. Carbs rebuilt (w/arm height set to .060"), replace fuel lines, replace fuel select switch, replace (or add if it does not have one) fuel filter, etc. The 96 SL700's have an accelerator pump so every time you squeeze the throttle the accel pump will dump fuel down the carb throat into the motor. If you pumped the throttle and it got better it sounds like it may have been running lean and that extra fuel richened the mix up enough to get it going. Have you tried pulling the choke out a little bit when it runs rough to see if it gets better? If it runs better with the choke out then the ski is lean and if it runs worse it's too rich.

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