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    Used ski purchase?

    Looking to get 2 used PWC for our family of 4. A 2 seater and 3 seater package in the $10-14k range. I have decided on seadoo for the brand and looking at something like this package.
    2007 rxp 215hp 50hrs
    2008 GTX 155hp 100 hrs
    double trailer

    asking price is $11k.
    Is this a reasonable starter package and price? Looking for family fun with ability to pull a toy by at least one of the PWC.

    Also, if I decide to buy having only riden on a few what are things to look for on the test ride? Should I pay to have a dealer check them out instead?

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    Not a bad price if the skis have been well taken care of and maintained. If you aren't sure what you're looking at, take someone who does.
    If you don't know someone, use common sense and ask the guy if you can take them out for a ride. $10K isn't something top spend taking someones word on something.
    And finally, after all that I'd take em to someone who knows what they're doing and get them looked over.

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    deff would not buy a 155 hp anything ...would buy some with the 215hp 2008+ so they have all the updated parts ...valves ,flywheel bolts and up dated s/c washers .

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    Also at 2007 check for sc washers..if its on ceramic they need to be changed. If they are changed you should find out if they were changed due to faliure or not.

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    Someone else's cash beat me to the boats. Now I am looking at this tomorrow.
    2008 RXP-X 87 hours
    2007 seadoo GTI SE 86 hours

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    The 2007 GTI SE is NA so no worries about the washers, correct? Also, I'm in NC and the skis are coming from VA. The seller says I only need a bill of sale. If I understand the DNR website I need a Notarized Bill of sale, does this sound like the right steps?


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