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    Pop up tow bar on speedster 150

    Anyone afraid that this might bend ?
    I was pulling a 3 person tube on the weekend and would only allow 2 kids in it at a time as I was afraid the pop up tow bar might bend. Tubes have a lot of drag so not sure if the pop up tow bar can handle it. Has anyone done a lot of pulling of 3 person tubes behind their speedster with this bar ? I used to pull 3 people with by RXT-X 255hp from the tow eye on the back and never had any issues but am having a really hard time trusting the pop up tow bar.


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    I have the pop up bar on my RXT and pull tubes. I don't go crazy with it and if they want a wild ride I move to the SD boat.
    I have added a stop so the bar can be used in a lower position. Just drill an indent in the groove.

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    a big tube will bend it I bent mine that way

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